Bigha Beach

Swimming in the Nile was always an exotic idea for many visitors in Aswan, because of the beauty and the clear water the Nile enjoy in this area.
The water between the 2 dams (where our island is located) considered as the best fresh water in Egypt, as it comes directly from Nasser Lake, and then cross the Aswan dam to continue its journey in the Nile.

We don’t have any source of pollution in both Lake Nasser and in our area between the 2 dams, that is why this water is considered as clean fresh water suitable for drinking, and actually most of the Nubian communities living around our island drink directly from the Nile.

Swimming in the Nile won’t be a strange act in this area, as we will be copying what local communities do. Still we can be the source of pollution to the Nile, that is why one of our beach rules is to take your shower before getting into the water (not after) to remove any chemicals like sunblock or creams before your swim.