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Eco Group Egypt

ECO Group Egypt   , We Provide our guests with  unique experience of Nature & History, in an Authentic and Genuine environment. ECO Nubia is our first Eco lodge of many to come soon, based on the concept of using old local community houses to be converted into Natural luxuries ecologies, where both guests and local community can enjoy the Sustainable tourism experience. Location and houses are picked really carefully in order to provide the experience we promise, and allow you to “Release Your Inner Peace”​while enjoying Nature & a unique Heritage. Our location is on Bigeh island: it is one of 3 islands located between the 2 Dams of Aswan governorate: The Aswan Dam and The High Dam, and also the nearest island to Philae temple. Because of its remoteness and lack of utilities & services, the island’s citizens left their homes on the islands since 40 years and now living in villages and cities around it. Still, they do have a dream of going back to their island and bringing its heritage back to life. We aim to help original inhabitants of the island to rebuild their houses, using the same old techniques of Nubian Architecture, in parallel to develop a complete utilities network and infrastructure (Water – Sewage – Electricity) in an eco-friendly way to protect the island’s natural heritage. As for job creation, we aim to add the island to the Egyptian ecotourism map, and introduce this unique type of tourism in the whole area around it, with all related services such as: lodging in Nubian houses, revive authentic Nubian food recipes and drinks, community center for local and visitors’ events, Nubian handcrafts preservation.

Chairman Message

Identifying a critical need for the preservation of Egypt’s natural resources and celebration of its unique cultural heritage, Eco Nubia transformed the abandoned island of Bigeh in Aswan into one of the first ecolodges in the area serving local and international guests, activating a unique location using natural locally sourced materials, and creating much-needed capacity building and career opportunities to the struggling Nubian community. In partnership with its indigenous Nubians communities, and placed the island on the Egyptian Ecotourism map.

Within its first three years, Eco Nubia rebuilt the island’s old collapsed homes; created an integrated utilities network of electricity, water and sewage in an eco-friendly way; and received – along with a host of guests from around the world – recognition and accolades from the United Nations World Tourism Organization and Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism for outstanding achievement in sustainable development. Eco Nubia also garnered the attention of local and international media and was the subject of a recent CNN special.

Job opportunities were provided to the Nubian people with a rewarding return, and empowering Nubian women and youth to present their cultural heritage in a creative way.

Eco Nubia has succeeded in reaching the desired balance between a successful tourism project, a distinctive economic return for the local community, and the revival of the cultural heritage in the region, as well as preserving the surrounding environment, reducing the island’s carbon emissions and spreading awareness and environmental solutions. Its competitive edge includes being the only Eco lodge of its kind in the area built with all eco-friendly materials, the only lodge with a view of Philae Temple, the only offering heritage Nubian recipes at its restaurant. The suppliers that we use are all local suppliers of fresh food, and also transportation equipment and services, as well as service providers such as the local event management companies. In terms of technology, Eco Nubia is utilizing tech for promotional purposes as well as online reservations and restaurant, event and activity booking.

Ahmed Yehia
Eco Group Founder

Eco Group

Eco Nubia is our first Eco lodge as Eco group, and not our last! Our pipeline contains many potential places – in Egypt and outside – that we are currently working on.

Eco Nubia Co-Founders

Amr Abdallah

Amr Abdallah is a member of the board of directors of several companies & organizations in Egypt. He is an expert in technology and an entrepreneur
investing mainly in technology.

Most recently he was the Chief Business Officer for Vodafone Egypt. Before that Abdallah has been the Chief Strategy Officer for Vodafone Egypt. He led shifting
the strategy of Vodafone Egypt from Voice only mobile company to a Total Solutions Provider voice/data and fixed/mobile. He was behind the success of
implementing the new strategy during his last two years at Vodafone.

Before joining Vodafone in 2006, Abdallah has been the CEO of Raya Holding responsible for the growing Telecom line of business. Abdallah was one of the founders of Raya Holding and helped grow the organization from few employees to over 3000. He has been with Protech and Raya since 1996; before that he gained vital IT Sales and Marketing Management experience with Bull Egypt Information Systems.

Abdallah has an educational background in Electrical Engineering, and holds an MBA from Aston Business School in Birmingham, UK. Being a scholar of a German school, he maintains a German culture at work coupled with a friendly Egyptian spirit.

He is a Fellow of the Middle East Leadership Initiative of The Aspen Institute & a member of the Aspen Global Leadership

Mohamed El Sayed Okasha

Mohamed Okasha, Founder of Egyptian Disruptech fund, specialized in start-up investments in the field of financial technology.

Mohamed is also the co-founder & board member of Eco Nubia ecolodge project in Aswan. A social enterprise that focus on reviving
the Nubian heritage and sustainable tourism.

Before that, Mohamed was the co-founder & non executive board member of the leading Egyptian fintech Fawry for payments. With over 25 years of experience in the corporate retail sales, marketing and operations management of both IT and telecom Industries, Okasha launched the retail operation of Fawry across Egypt and built the strong client base of Fawry billers.

Before joining Fawry, Okasha held top executive roles at Raya and Vodafone, where he contributed to the launch and establishment of various successful initiatives in the IT and Telecom sectors.

Okasha holds a BSC in Computer Science from AUC, and an International MBA from the graduate school of ESCLSCA.

Sustainable Travel

Sustainable tourism is tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts while addressing the needs of visitors, the industry

The environment and host communities. Tourism can be related to travel for leisure, business and visiting friends and relatives and can also include means of transportation related to tourism. This might be transportation to the general location as well as local transportation to and from accommodations, entertainment, recreation, nourishment and shopping. There is now broad consensus that tourism should be sustainable In fact, all forms of tourism have the potential to be sustainable if planned, developed and managed properly.

Global tourism accounts for about eight percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. This percentage takes into account airline transportation] as well as other significant environmental and social impacts that are not always beneficial to local communities and their economies.
Tourist development organizations are promoting sustainable tourism practices in order to mitigate negative effects caused by the growing impact of tourism. The United Nations World Tourism Organization emphasized these practices by promoting tourism as part of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), through programs like the International Year for Sustainable Tourism for Development in 2017. There is a direct link between sustainable tourism and all 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Tourism for SDGs focuses on how SDG 8, SDG 12 and SDG 14 implicate tourism in creating a sustainable economy.

Challenges related to sustainable tourism are many. The displacement or resettlement of local communities results when areas are made accessible to tourists. Construction projects to build new roads and housing for tourists, even if only campsites also disrupt the natural world and local environment. The covid-19 pandemic challenge resulted in a 65% decrease in international tourist numbers in the first half of 2020 as compared to 2019.
In Eco Group we believe in sustainable tourism tends and we aim to increase ecofriendly tourism volume to Egypt


The remaining of the houses on the island give us an idea about how it was originally built. The masons used only mud and rocks (granite) to build all houses, with mud break in case of building a vault.

Our plan was to rebuild the houses of Bigeh using the same material with the same building techniques, as this might help in introducing the old concept of building with rocks and mud to the Nubians again (as they lost it) and encourages them to build their new coming houses with the same way.

First stage of the project is completed by the rehabilitation of 3 houses in the small village of Bigeh, while utilities network (Water – Swage – Electricity) is implemented for the whole village.

All material used in buildings and furniture is eco-friendly material from the area around, and we also recycle our sewages and use it for our landscape.

Our ledge consist of the following available rooms:

– 4 Small rooms (Single or Double)

– 4 Large rooms (Triple rooms)

Our capacity can reach 20 guests maximum.

Eco Adventure

Eco Adventure

Eco adventure is the combination of adventurous activity with environmentally responsible awareness. Destinations and activities vary widely,

At Eco Group , lots of activities like Fishing, Canoeing, Hiking, Walking tours, Themed dinner nights, Tour or class about local culture, Cooking class, Live music/performance and much more

Discover nature in untraditional ways while having your own Adventure
All our adventures follow Eco-Tourism guidelines:

  • Optimal use of environmental resources with minimum impact by our visitors.
  • Respect for the socio-cultural authenticity of host communities.
  • Facilitating positive experiences for both visitors and hosts.
  • Providing financial benefits and empowerment to our local communities.
  • Building strong environmental and cultural awareness

Eco Events

Untraditional events management for both Corporates & Sportive… new concept with huge amount of fun
Corporate & Public events in untraditional ways & destination, We use the expertise of ECO-Adventure Team.

Corporate events include:

  • Strategy Meetings
  • Organizational Culture
  • Off-site Meetings
  • Team Building

Public events include:

  • Sporting events that are eco-friendly (running, biking, swimming & rowing).
  • Relevant NGO projects.
  • Research and documentaries
Eco Events
Eco Craft

Eco Craft

Promote & distribute all kind of handcrafts collected from remote & untraditional spots of Egypt, with a network of 14 different high quality suppliers.
Our Mission: To be: “The Egyptian Handcraft Hub”